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    MBBS in China for Indian students is available with us at very low fees structure. Call us now for MBBS admission in China. China has one of the hurried economies in the world. It has a great influence on the economy. China is a great country with brilliant civilization and beautiful landscapes. China has very fascinating offers and opportunities and facilities for the students at very affordable cost. Medical schools in China are recognized by Medical Council of India and World Health Organization.

    Indian students prefer to study MBBS in China. The number of students flying to China for studying MBBS is increasing every year. For many reasons China is preferred as one of the study abroad destinations by Indian students and other international students.  China has the raised the bar in the standards and quality of education. Every year, Medical Council of India lists 45 medical universities in China approved for medical courses.

    Foreign students can opt for English language for MBBS study in china. Even they can learn Chinese as a language according to their suitability to communicate with the patients without any barriers. China is less expensive in comparison to European countries like USA, Japan, South Korea and many other countries, when it comes to travel and living. Food dispersion is easily affordable for the survival and pursuing MBBS from China. Students would get highest employment advantage in China because of it fastest growing economy in the World. Top notch companies are doing business in China. It is anticipated, that China can leave a remarkable impact on the economy of the world. Students will explore outlandish Chinese culture which is indeed inspirational. Chinese are very highly civilized and multicultural. The scope for employment in China does not need any introduction because of its prelation of science and technology.

    study mbbs in china

    List of MCI Recognized Medical Universities in China

    1 YANGZHOU UNIVERSITY Hanjiang, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China Yangzhou University
    2 CHINA MEDICAL UNIVERSITY Shenyang, Liaoning, China china medical university
    3 JILIN UNIVERSITY Chaoyang, Changchun, Jilin, China jilin university
    4 SOUTH EAST UNIVERSITY Nanjing, Jiangsu, China southeast university, china
    5 NANJING MEDICAL UNIVERSITY Nanjing, Jiangsu, China Nanjing medical university
    6 XI’AN JIAOTONG UNIVERSITY  Beilin, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China Xi'an university
    7 NINGXIA UNIVERSITY Yinchuan, Ningxia, China Ningxia university
    8 HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY (HUST) Wuhan, Hubei, China Hust university
    9 QIQIHAR MEDICAL UNIVERSITY  Qiqihar city, Heilongjiang,China
    10 XINJIANG UNIVERSITY  Xinjiang, China xinjian university

    Other Medical Universities

    • Hengzhou University
    • Capital Medical University
    • Anhui Medical University
    • Wenzhou Medical Institute
    • Kunming Medical University
    • Tianjin Medical University*
    • Qingdao University
    • Jiangsu University
    • Dalian Medical University

    MBBS In China Eligibility

    It is a very common practice that higher secondary exam score is considered the criterion to choose the candidates for MBBS admission. However, in India medical admission has become tough due to high competition and entrance exam.

    MBBS in China for Indian students eligibility criteria:

    • Students must secure 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in 10+2.
    • Must be 17 years old as on 31st December of admission year.
    • Must have valid passport.

    Course Duration

    MBBS in China is of six years, which is segregated into two parts. It includes nine semesters and internship programmes. Students go through one year of mandatory internship. Syllabus of the course is prescribed into three parts.

    • First part includes Anatomy, Biochemistry, Pathology, Physiology and Pharmacology.
    • Second part includes preventive medicine and different Scientific Research methods.
    • Lastly third part, where students learn Clinical medicine and obtain knowledge in diagnosis,Surgery, Opthalmology, Dermatology,Psychology,Psychiatry, Paediatrics and other several issues.

    Benefits of studying MBBS in China:-

    • MBBS admission in China is affordable because of its low cost, comparatively, to other countries like US, Japan and Korea.
    • China MBBS valid in India: MBBS degree from China is valid in India when candidates clear MCI-Screening in India.
    • Students will get a golden opportunity to work as an intern with the world’s best multinational company within the country itself.
    • Infrastructure of universities here are world class.
    • Recognized degrees from all universities of developed countries in China.
    • Chinese cuisines are the populous food all over the world. So food can never be an issue.
    • Its dexterous culture makes it comfortable for the international students to adjust in China with an ease.
    • People are good and believe in living in harmony with other encounters.
    • Undoubtedly, China is a beautiful nation with breath taking landscapes and sightseeing.
    • Climatic conditions vary depending on the land area as it a vast nation. So, students are fortunate enough to choose their universities, according to the climate, they are comfortable to be in.
    • Learning Chinese can be beneficial for you since World trade centre is shifting to the east and it can be valuable for the students in the future prospective.
    • MBBS admission in China is safe and secure for the female students because of its tight law security.

    Food costs

    China is a diversified country, with interesting rituals, culture and rich heritage. Not to miss the interesting flavors of unique Chinese cuisine.

    Food cost is very low in china, for both Chinese and international cuisine. At the medical college / university canteen, in local restaurants and in the fast food chains cost of food range from 1 to 5 USD. For average mid-range restaurants and hotels, it costs from 4 to 8 USD.

    Overall cost of food bills, from local super markets cost no more than 200 a month. Besides, students can buy fresh fruits, vegetables and local supplies at very cheap price. Just for 2 to 3 USD, you can get a big ball full of fresh fruits.

    Transportation Cost in China

    International students who study MBBS in China have a lot of exposure to roam around and explore the country. Even the medical institutes mandate students to train in different hospitals. And China has cheapest means of public transport. Even taxi rides are quite cheap in the country.

    • Metro ride: 0.5 USD
    • 20-min taxi ride across town: 4 USD
    • Taxi rate per km: 0.33 USD
    • City bus: 0.3 USD

    Student pass is available at a monthly cost of 15 USD, in public transportation.

    MBBS Fees in China for Indian Students

    MBBS study in china low fee structure is a good opportunity for Indian students. MBBS Fees in China highly affordable as compared to Japan and USA because of its fastest growing economy in the world. It is evident enough through their educational system. The fees may vary depending on the medical colleges you select. The tuition fees may cost on an average from 30,000 RMB to 70,000 RMB/Year. They get ample opportunities and a land where they learn all traits. We aim to prepare them for their bright future.

    For MBBS admission in China, you can take help and guidance from our consultants. We will help you to get the application form from the universities. Our counselors will help you to identify your forte related to MBBS in China. It will be a big help for you to decide your career.


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