Chongqing Medical University was founded in 1956 and it was known as Chongqing Medical College. The Ministry of Education in China has made the university to gain heights and do well. From a medical point of view, it is considered as the best medical university in China. University ranking was dominant #6 in China. It has many medical courses included in various programs. There are two main campuses of the university namely Jinyun Campus and Yuanjiagang campus. More than 20,000 students are taught under the supervision of the talented faculties of the university. Overall, the system is pure and ethnic on the campus.



The main location of the campus is at Yuzhong, Chongqing, China. One can easily get there from Jianbei Aiport or directly from the railway station. Thus, Chongqing Medical University is located at the perfect place in Chongqing, China.



Chongqing Medical University courses are very rare to be found in some other University of China. It includes courses in both English and Chinese languages. Some of the programs are,

  1. Bachelor’s program: For MBBS course in both English and Chinese language approved by the Ministry of Education.
  2. Master’s and Ph.D. programs: For Master’s and Ph.D. programs, both the languages are available. The length of schooling is 3 years. The applicant for the same course must be healthy both mentally and physically.
  3. Visiting programs: The length of the program is flexible.


Chongqing Medical University Admission process

Admission process goes through the eligibility criteria. The main eligibility criteria are the applicant must have senior school leaving certificate, must be above 18 years of age, healthy both mentally and physically. The applicants for English or Chinese language programs must clear the respective exams of their languages. One can easily fill up the form available on the website and go through various points. So, the admission process for the University is simple.


Highlights of the Medical College

  • Chongqing Medical University has a place for more than 20,000 students. It welcomes students from every country. There are 2 main campuses of the university.
  • The university is strict to law and regulations. Strict procedures are made for both and girls living on the campus. The security is the main concern kept by the university.
  • A campus card is provided to every student staying in the campus. This card is the permit for going outside or coming inside the campus. So, it is a very important card.
  • Many student activities are held on the campus to formulate top education and bring different cultures on the same platform.
  • Chongqing Medical University provides Chongqing Government Scholarship for some deserving students. This scholarship helps them study in a more confined way.
  • Many internships are provided to the students in collaboration with other universities. It would help the student grow in a specific field of medicine. Thus, everything seems to be provided in the campus itself.