Russia is the first choice of medical students who wants to study MBBS abroad and become a doctor.  Russia keenly boasts their higher education system in the world for its quality. It has 300 leading universities emerging Europe and Central Asia. Russian Universities has ranked 26th in the world for its education system.

Talking about India it has a mixed economy and diverse culture practiced everywhere in India. Indian education System is very firmly and robust structured. At the time when people are talking about Harvard or Cambridge University many of overseas medical students came to India to study medical.

At present India have more than 362 medical institutions in India producing many world class Physicians and Doctors for contributing the world society. Every year more than 6 lakhs student enroll in medical universities for 45000 seats. Only the Luckiest one will get the opportunity to admission in Indian top medical universities. Because of the hard competition and limited seats many of students opt for foreign universities and pursue their medical studies and most of them choosing Russian universities as it is the hottest medical country for pursuing MBBS studies in Russia.

Difference between Russian and India Education System

  • The degree which is offered after completing the medical course in Russia is called M.D and in India it is called MBBS degree.
  • In India Universities, main focus is on Theoretical knowledge and in Russia University mainly emphasis on practical knowledge for Medical studies.
  • As far as MBBS course in Russia comprises 5.8 years and in India it takes 5 years to complete.
  • If we are talking about total batch of medical students in Russian Universities is approximately 25 to 30 and in India It’s about 100 to 120 or more than that.
  • Indian medical university has extended course and more examinations and Russian university has less course content and fewer examinations.
  • It is not possible for every student to pursue medical course in U.K or U.S so, candidate looking for alternative countries like Russia, China, Ukraine, or any other less expensive country.
  • Study curriculum in India and Russia Are nearly same but there is a difference in duration. There are 19 subjects taught in both Russia and India. Russia takes 5 years to cover the syllabus and Indian University cover it in just 4.5 years.
  • There is no provision of Final examination over there. Student’s total scores will be based on class test and summation.
  • Corruption exist in foreign universities for passing to get MD degree but students don’t have to worry because of this silly reason if you are hard working and enough motivated toward your aim then you can clear it.