The former name of Hebei Medical University was Beiyang Medical School, which is termed as one of the high-rated university in the province of Hebei. It was founded in 1894 by Governor Li Hongzhnag. Later on, the name of the university was changed to Zhili Public Medical College. After the First World War, the college was renamed as Hebei Medical University. With the development of medical sciences in China, this university has a big role to play. Many of the talented students find their place in the university. It is supposed to be ranked as the #3 best medical university of China.



The main address of Hebei Medical University is at 361 Zhongshan E Rd, Changan Qu, and Hebei Sheng, China- 050000. The location is very appropriate to be reached from the airport or railway station.



Hebei Medical University courses are available in different schools of the university. The various schools with their course are:

  1. School of Basic Medical Science: The school includes BDS and MBBS as a major course.
  2. School of Pharmacy: The school includes a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy course.
  3. School of Public health: The school includes a bachelor’s degree for all public health programs.
  4. School of Stomatology: The school includes a bachelor’s degree in Stomatology.
  5. School of Nursing: The school includes a bachelor’s degree in nursing programs.
  6. Clinical College: The school includes a bachelor’s degree in clinical science.

So, these were some of the major schools and courses at University.


Admission Process

Hebei Medical University admission process is very simple and prescribed by the Ministry of Education in China. One needs to get passed in 10+2 with Biology as the main subject. If the applicant is applying in English programs then he/she must clear the English test conducted by the university. The students from International cultures can also fill up the form and get registered for the school. There are more than 100 courses available in the university and the applicant can choose one of the interest courses.


Highlights of the Medical College

  • Hebei Medical University is the place for more than 30,000 students with more than 100 different courses in 15 different schools of the university.
  • The campus of the university is a beautiful place to visit for visitors. It is one of the most happening places in China.
  • The security system of Hebei Medical University is kept hard and tough One can’t break through the campus easily. Also, the campus card is provided to the student for entry.
  • The sports activities are held in the university at the national level. One can get the best facility for enhancing sports skills in this matter. The sports are made availed to students and faculties.
  • The university holds big collaborative programs with other top universities of the US to gain extra knowledge and provide the platform for the students.
  • The campus is also provided with hostel facilities for both boys and girls. There are both AC and non-AC rooms available for both students and facilities.