If you are planning to go China for medical studies, this article may be helpful for you. Living in China for international students is much affordable. China has a real campus culture. As a foreign student you can often use special sleeping and dining rooms on campus. But you can also stay outside the campuses for little money.

Living in China for International Students in various aspects


Student rooms for foreign students are shared with one to three students. Chinese students usually share a room with four or eight people. Universities often offer different types of rooms in different price ranges: single or shared, with or without private bathrooms, with or without air conditioning, etc. The costs of a dormitory are on average between € 3 and € 20 per day.

Student apartments

It is now also common practice at many universities to live outside the campus. You will then pay more rent. Bear in mind that as a foreigner you will have to pay a little more than the Chinese. A three-room apartment costs between € 200 and € 400 per month. That is excluding gas, water and light. Rents are much higher in the big cities than in the smaller cities. 

If you have not been able to arrange a room before your departure, then there is nothing wrong. Book a room in a cheap hotel or a youth hostel and look for suitable accommodation from there.


Daily life in China is a lot cheaper than in the Netherlands. You can get a good meal on campus for around 50 cents. Outside the campus you pay approximately between € 2.50 and € 5.00 for a meal.

 You will find a general overview of the average cost of living in China.


  1. Train 
    This is the most popular means of transport for long distances in China. The train work is well organized and very cheap. 
  2. Bus
    With the bus you can travel easily and quickly in both the major cities of China and remote villages. Buses are often cheap, but fairly uncomfortable. It also takes time to find out exactly which bus (s) you need to have to get to your destination. 
  3. Metro
    In the big cities you will find an extensive metro network, with which you can move quickly and cheaply. 
  4. Car
    The Dutch driver’s license and the international driver’s license (IRB) are not valid in China. If you want to drive your car in China, it is possible to request a temporary driver’s license at the local police station. For the application you must take the following documents with you: 
  1. The Dutch driver’s license or international driver’s license;
  2. An ‘invitation letter’;
  3. 2 passport photos;
  4. An application form completed in Chinese.

You also have to take two hours of driving lessons in China, after which the temporary driving license is issued. 


You need vaccinations for a stay in China. Which exactly depends on the duration of your stay. More information can be obtained from the local peoples. Keep in mind that you should start vaccinating half a year in advance.