Shymkent State Medical University is a Kazakh govt. research university which is located in Shymkent. To support its mission of education, research and clinical care, the university has a large and prominent faculty. According to the standard rules of activity of the academic council of the higher educational institution, deputies approved by the order of executive body of the ministry of education and science of Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our mission and vision is to provide global and friendly environment in which students can learn basic skills successfully and core academic content, develop their special talents and social competencies.

Shymkent is a city of South Kazakhstan, located in the Valley of Sayram River at the foothills of Ugam range.  Shymkent is a populated city and has the population of about 647,000. Shymkent is the third largest city of Kazakhstan, as well as the essential railway junction. It is a good place to explore. Shymkent has a growing bazaar which is open till late night. Even you can stroll and can breathe fresh air in the city which has total three parks build in the 19th -20th centuries. There is an eminent park named after Abai, a water park, an ethnographical park”Ken-baba” are very famous among the children as well as the adults. It a great source for amusement. There are various types of tours as historical places, exotic places, hunting and fishing, mountain tourism.

Shymkent state Medical Universities is the best medical universities and has earned top position in the list of such universities across the country. More than 11000 students are enrolled in the medical universities and provide the best medical education.

Facilities available:-

  • General Medicine
  • Dental Facility
  • Pharmaceutical Facility
  • Facilities of preparation of specialize with technical professional education.
  • Facility of continues professional development.

Eligibility criteria for Indian students:-

  • All students have scored 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and English.40% marks to the students belonging to the reserved category in 12th science category and over 17 years of age.
  • Must be NEET qualifying. He/She must be a citizen of India.

There will be a complete guidance given to the students from our experienced Teaching faculty. Admissions are approved by the Medical Council of India.

We are receiving lot of queries related to medical and dental admissions. We will be highly glad to guide you all through better conversations and smooth discussions to help you to make your career path easy and successful. We believe in building strong relationship with you and have more than seven to nine years of working experience.

You can visit our website for the details and admission procedures. Feel free to contact us on +98177000509.