One of the study abroad destinations that gained the attention of the Indian students in the recent past is Azerbaijan. Joining MBBS in India has become quite competitive. Students find it difficult to get MBBS admission even after scoring good marks in NEET exam. Besides, cost of medical education in private medical education. More and more number of students prefers to study MBBS outside India for these reasons. They have one more option Azerbaijan to study MBBS. Let us see in detail about studying MBBS in Azerbaijan.

About Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is located in the eastern part of the Eurasia. It is a land of contrasts, which many times confuses the students that whether the country is located in Europe or Asia. The country is situated on the border of Russia and Georgia. It is a beautiful city, surrounded by Caucasus Mountains and Caspian Sea.

However, this confusion doesn’t arise in terms of choosing the medical university or choosing Azerbaijan as the preferred medical study destination. With clear curriculum approved by international medical boards, great infrastructure, excellent facilities, and options for research combined with high quality education makes Azerbaijan a great study destination for Indian and international students.

mbbs in azerbaijan

MBBS in Azerbaijan – An Overview

MBBS in Azerbaijan is an approved medical program. It is provided as MD degree, which is equivalent to MBBS in other countries. This is equivalent to the MBBS graduate program in India.

MBBS curriculum and the education system are widely recognized.

Duration of the course is 6 years. It is mandatory to study Russian language as a part of the medical curriculum, which is prevalent in Russian medical colleges for international students. Azerbaijan was part of the USSR and it follows the education system similar to Russia. Besides, there is one year internship mandatory for the students. Students get a lot of opportunities to continue their internship in USA and crack the USMLE exam.

Quick Facts about Studying MBBS in Azerbaijan

  • One of the upcoming destinations to study MBBS at affordable, rather lower cost without any compromise on the quality of education
  • WHO, MCI, and many international approval and recognition – students need not worry about the approval of the medical courses.
  • A friendly environment with good tropical climate
  • Mandatory learning of Russian language during the first year of study, which enables easy communication in and out of the college campus
  • Most of the universities equip the students to clear MCI screening test in India
  • Simple, hassle free admission process to join the course
  • Indian students who join MBBS in Azerbaijan becomes eligible to appear in the USMLE, PLAB etc
  • Top approved medical colleges in Azerbaijan have been listed in the world leading medical universities.
  • Tuition fee is very much low and easily affordable
  • Cost of living is too low and it costs no more than INR 8000 per month
  • Getting admission in PG is easier for the students who studied MBBS in Azerbaijan than the students who studied in India

Medical Universities in Azerbaijan – Admission Requirements for Indian Students

Admission requirements are very simple and straight forward. Except for the Azerbaijan Medicine University, admission is simple and doesn’t call for any entrance exam. Students can apply with the minimum qualifying marks and NEET score.

Important information for the Indian students to study MBBS in Azerbaijan

  Last Date to Apply   –  Sept-Oct
   Basic Eligibility  –   Class 12 with Science Subjects as major with 60% score & NEET score
   Minimum Course Fee  –   6 Lakhs per year
   English Proficiency  –   Required – Mandatory
  Additional Language Proficiency  –   Required – Mandatory – Inclusive of MBBS curriculum
  Minimum Living Cost  –   8k per month
   Medium of Teaching  –   English and Russian
   Duration  –   6 Years

All admissions to the medical colleges are made on the merit system, and first come first serve basis. Students must pay full fee to the university before departure from India. Visa process may take upto two months upon submission of all essential documents.

All universities and medical colleges have hostel accommodation equipped with all facilities for the international students.

Timing of application is very essential for the students. Submitting all important documents (with the desired qualification) at the right time guarantees admission. Timely admission makes no problem during the process. When you apply before mid of July, the process gets complete in two months maximum and you can depart by end of August.  The admission to the college is direct and the process is straight forward with no hidden agenda. Students can easily track the admission process and status.

Renowned Medical Universities in Azerbaijan for International Studies

Here is the list of medical universities in Azerbaijan. Most of the universities are located in the brimming city, Baku.

 University  Address
 Khazar medical University  Baku, Azerbaijan
 Baku University  Baku, Azerbaijan
 Oldar yurdu University  Nərimanov raion, Azerbaijan
 Azerbaijan state medical University  Baku, Azerbaijan
 Qafqaz University  Baku, Azerbaijan

Among the different medical universities in Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan medical university is the most reputed one.

The universities has approval and recognition from different international entities like MCI in India, PLAB in UK, CHED in Canada, USMLE in USA and all gulf countries, CFGNS in USA, and WHO. It assists the students to join PG in any of the countries with no hassles.

Azerbaijan Medical University

Azerbaijan Medical University is the oldest institute, aged 85 plus years. The tuition fee is USD 6200 per year and it is the standard cost of education. Besides, it costs about USD 150 per month for other expenses inclusive of cost of living and accommodation. This is the best and cheapest university in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan medical university has following accreditation apart from approval by the Medical Council of India and World Health Organization.

  • Member of the International Register – Since 1996
  • Full member of the European Universities Association
  • Member of the International Universities Association – Since 2000
  • Member of the Black Sea Universities Association – Since 1999

This university has 8000 students among which 1175 students are from other countries.