Poland is one of the few study abroad destinations that has long history of offering quality higher education. When it comes to studying MBBS in other countries, Poland emerges as one of the preferred countries for Indian students.

A comprehensive study environment, highly qualified and experienced staff, advanced and modern equipments, excellent infrastructure etc makes MBBS in Poland very much preferred.

Also, the World Health and Organization and the Medical Council of India approves the Poland Medical Degree. Indian students can join in any medical university in Poland. After completion, they can take the MCI screening test and become a qualified doctor in India. Let us see more about MBBS in Poland, cost of education, advantages, disadvantages, experiences of the existing students and more.

MBBS in Poland – An Overview

Poland, officially known as “Republic of Poland” is one of the countries in the European Union. EU recognizes it as one of the countries with the fastest growing economies. It is a diverse country and economically driven. The country has amazing picturesque landscapes, and an inviting comfy environment.

Poland has internationally acclaimed education system. It has the rank of 23 in the Programme for International Student Assessment, organized by OCED. In addition, Poland is the high ranked country with respect to human development.

The pattern of medical education in Poland is similar to European countries.

Eligibility for Studying MBBS in Poland

The minimum and maximum age to study medicine in Poland is 17 years and 25 years respectively. The eligibility applies for students from all countries, including India.

  • 60% minimum marks with science as the background in the higher secondary examination.
  • Must have proper school education in 10+2 pattern.
  • Must have studied Chemistry, Physics, Biology or Botany and Zoology in the higher secondary.
  • NEET exam qualification is mandatory for Indian students to enrol in MBBS in abroad.

Admission Process for MBBS in Poland 2020

Medical universities in Poland follow more or less similar admission policies, but differ in a few aspects. Most of the medical colleges or universities in Poland start admission process in the months of May or June every year. So, Indian students can apply for studying medicine in Poland immediately after getting the results of higher secondary exam results.

The admission procedure involves the following steps:

  1. Send the application seeking admission along with all necessary credentials – certificates of educational qualification, and a copy of valid passport
  2. The medical universities process the international applicants quickly. All students who applied are likely to receive the confirmation (if qualified, or rejection) in a week’s time.
  3. After confirmation, you can send the documents along with passport for Visa to embassy for student’s visa. It is not a tedious process. Subsequently you get confirmation and admission letter from the respective university.

Duration of Medical Study in Poland

MBBS in Poland is a six years undergraduate medical degree inclusive of one year internship. The internship involves clinical rotations in different departments.

  • Five years course
  • One year training in the hospital affiliated to the medical college or university

Top Three Medical Universities in Poland

  • Medical University of Warsaw
  • Gdańsk Medical University
  • Poznan University of Medical Sciences

Other medical universities for Indian students in Poland

  • Medical University of Lodz
  • Nicolaus Copernicus University
  • Lublin Medical University
  • Jegiellonian Medicum University, Krakow, Poland
  • Silesian Piasts Medical University of Wroclaw

Advantages of MBBS in Poland

MBBS in Poland Quora discussion highlights the benefits of studying medicine in Poland.

  • Cost of education in Poland is low and affordable.
  • Indian Medical Council approves all medical universities in Poland. Literally, there is no confusion.
  • Language of education is English. There is no need for study of other language as a part of medical curriculum.
  • No requirement of TOEFL or IELTS to become qualified for MBBS in Poland.
  • Quality of education is on par with international standards. Around 75% of MBBS graduates from Poland practice medicine / work in US, UK and Germany.
  • Similar to green card in US, Poland issues blue card to the international students and allow them to practice, reside and settle in Poland.
  • All universities offer scholarship for the academically strong candidates regardless of the country they are from.
  • The course include one year compulsory internship program in Government and private hospitals.
  • You can easily practice medicine in Poland, any European country or any country in the world.
  • Climatic condition in Poland is similar to Russia. It is easily manageable and comforting throughout the year. There is no killing freezing winter or burning summer.

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Poland

Lack of local knowledge language is a biggest setback. It affects communicating with the locals. Although the language of teaching is English, the locals are not proficient in English. Communication outside the campus in English is difficult. It will be an added advantage for the students who learn the local language, which makes internship easier.

Cost of Medical Education and Cost of Living in Poland

Overall cost of education in Poland is very affordable and cheaper than the European counterparts.

MBBS in Poland 2020 Fee Structure

Approximate fee charged by the Poland medical universities 2019.

  • Medical University of Warsaw – 11500 USD per year
  • Gdańsk Medical University – 9000 USD per year
  • Poznan University of Medical Sciences – 13000 USD per year
  • Medical University of Lodz – 12500 USD per year

In addition, the hostel fee estimates to around 3000 USD per year.

The overall cost of studying medicine in Poland estimates from 40 to 50 lakhs inclusive of all expenses.

Living Cost in Poland for Indian Students

Students have multiple stay options to pick from, if they wish to opt out from the medical universities. It even reduces the cost of living in Poland.

  • Dormitory rooms are available from Euro 60 to Euro 100 a month.
  • Students a rent a flat with fellow students which costs around Euro 150 a month.

It is recommended that students do not invite strangers or anyone other than students to share the accommodation.

All medical universities allow the international students to work in Poland during the course of study. However, do not attempt to take up work suggested by the agents who lure the students to earn more. Studying medicine is difficult and needs a lot of dedication and devotion.

Food is not a major problem since both the universities and the restaurants in the country offer Indian foods at affordable price. Cost of food is more or less equal to the cost in India.

Career for Indian Students after MBBS in Poland

An Indian student who successfully completes the 6 years MBBS course in Poland has multiple options to pursue their career.

  1. They can fly back to India, appear in MCI screening test and start practicing medicine or continue higher studies in India.
  2. MBBS in Poland makes a candidate eligible to apply for USMLE, PLAB etc to pursue higher education in medicine in US or UK.
  3. Can start practicing medicine in Poland and settle.
  4. Can move to any other European country for practicing or higher studies

Poland offers versatile career / employment options.

Every university enrols at least 500 international students. Since there is no entrance examinations, if you have good track record in academics and can easily get admission.

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