Studying MBBS in UK is the most competitive course in the United Kingdom. Indian students, as well as international students, seek admission to do medicine in the UK. If you score high grades and have the passion to get an internationally recognized medical degree, you can easily get admission to study MBBS in UK. You should have a high score in the higher secondary exam, IB score and IELTS to secure a seat in the undergraduate medicine in the United Kingdom.

Study medicine in UK for international students comes with high standards of education. Solid degree from internationally reputed universities or medical colleges with extensive knowledge and practical training makes a successful career record for medical professionals. Besides, even to pursue postgraduate medicine in UK or other countries.


Top medical universities in UK include the following:

  • University of Cambridge
  • University College London
  • University of Oxford
  • Queen Mary University of London
  • University of Aberdeen
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Birmingham
  • University of Edinburgh
  • Newcastle University
  • University of Manchester
  • Imperial College London
  • University of St. Andrews
  • Keele University
  • Kings College of London
  • University of Leeds

Entry Requirements to study MBBS in UK

Medical colleges in UK, affiliated to globally reputed universities have strong ties with the local hospitals, healthcare centers, and medical practices.

Indian students can apply for the medicine degrees through UCAS website. It is the official website of the UK government, which regulates the application service of all universities in the United Kingdom.

Indian and International Students with science education

MBBS in UK is classified into two aspects, with respect to a graduate medical degree.

  1. Undergraduate study, a two years program
  2. Foundation training, two years program

Study in UK for Indian students after 12 come with certain eligibility requirements to fulfill. Local students should get a minimum of AAA grade in science subjects. In the case of Indian and international students, to study medicine, they should score a minimum of 7 in the IELTS exam. It includes four different categories that analyze the applicants, which includes, reading, writing, speaking and listening. IELTS is nothing but common English proficiency test to assess the language proficiency of the students who applied for MBBS course.

After completion of the four years course, students can opt to continue medicine with specialization.

Soon after completion of this basic four years course program, the entry process for specialization in the medical field begins. It is even more competitive than getting entry to MBBS in UK.

Here, to get admission in the course high score in IELTS, good grades in higher secondary school and high level of language proficiency is mandatory.

Students who lack science and English skills 

Students had proper 10+2 schooling but lack proficiency in English and science, can opt to do MBBS in UK in another way. The International Foundation in Medical, Biomedical, and Health Sciences at INTO the St George’s University of London, one of the famous medical colleges in London is a solid example of how it helps the students to progress into the field.

These medical colleges in London and UK offer a one year course. Students who get a minimum of 75% upon completion of the course and perform well in the interview can move on to pursue an international medical degree in UK.

Duration of this degree lasts for 6 years, which is offered by the best medical schools in the country.

Students who fail to get 75% marks in the one year program also offered one more option to pursue a course in the medical field. With a minimum of 65%, you can join the 3-year Biomedical science degree, which is internationally recognized.

UCAS Application, Admission Test and Interview

All Indian students can apply for four types of medicine courses through UCAS website. The deadline for applying for medicine course is 15th October every year, where the course of study starts from the subsequent year in the month of September.

Most of the universities in UK require admission tests to enroll in MBBS. These tests are mandatory to get admission in the relevant course, which forms part of the UCAS application. The results of the admission test will be automatically sent to the UCAS application.

Followed by test and online application, eligible students, receive an invitation for the interview. While some universities conduct the online interview through skype, some universities require the students to visit the University and take an interview in person.

Admission Test


All applications, before they apply through UCAS should take up the test in UKCAT. Twenty-five medical schools in UK use UKCAT score to offer admission to the candidates.


This is another entrance exam, called by seven medical schools in UK. Students should register themselves to take this test after sending their application through UCAS. Generally, this test is conducted during the month of November and the results are sent directly to the relevant medical schools.


This is a common medical entrance exam, used for different medicine courses, inclusive of MBBS. However, this is not merely enough to get qualified for MBBS in UK. Along with UKCAT, students can also take this exam and complete before applying through UCAS.

ucat dates_ mbbs in uk


UK Medical College Fees

Undergraduate tuition fees charged by the leading medical colleges in UK, ranges from $13000 to $50000. It costs even for other medical degrees.

At popular medical school in London, like Bristol University MBBS, EU and UK students pay approximately £9,000 per year, which is a standard rate for the local students. UK medical college fees for international and Indian students estimate at £17250 per year for the initial two years. For the subsequent years, it comes to an average of £35,500.


S.N. University Name Tuition fee Duration Approx. Living Cost
1 University of Aberdeen 39000£/Year 5 Years 7000-9000£/Year
2 University of Birmingham 1st & 2nd –  21,330£/Year

3rd to 5th –  36,840£/Year

5 Years 9000-12000£/Year
3 University of Bristol 31,800£/Year 5 Years 9,000-14000£/Year
4 University of Manchester 22,000£/Year 5 Years 10000-14000£/Year
5 University of Dundee 32,000£/Year 5 Years 10000£/Year
6 University of Glasgow 42,000£/Year 5 Years 9000-14000£/Year
7 University of London 1st & 2nd –  22,620£/Year

3rd to 5th –  33,650£/Year

5 Years 9000-14000£/Year
8 University college London 1st & 2nd –  22,620£/Year

3rd to 5th –  33,650£/Year

5 Years 10000-15000£/Year

All medical schools and colleges across UK offer a number of scholarships for the students to provide financial support during the course of study.

With UK’s common health service, students get financial assistance in the form of,

  • Loan for tuition fee
  • Scholarships from Universities
  • Maintenance loan to support living costs
  • Private Scholarships
  • Bursaries from Public and Private universities
  • Professional study loan
  • NHS Bursary

Cost of living in UK is considered moderate. However, being an international degree, it is easy to get into a solid and lucrative career, both in UK and other countries.

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