It is the dream of many to study medicine from abroad but many of them can’t be able because of many reasons. With the experience of many years in providing medical education, the medical universities abroad have set a benchmark in the field of education, medical, engineering, literature, etc. however, Chinese government has highly subsidised education scholarships for International medical students. 

And cost of medical education in China is very cheap and approved by the Medical Council of India. Those who have completed their medical studies from China are the luckiest one.  

When it comes to the recognition of MBBS certificate, you have to cross check and be sure regarding global validity of degree provided by international universities. There are many MCI permitted Medical universities in China that offer medicine such as Fudan University, Zhengzhou University, Medical University of Lublin, China Medical University, Hebei Medical University, etc.

Scope of Studying in China

  1. Clinical Practice with a certificate

The first scope of studying in china is to practice. After acquiring an MBBS degree the most suitable work is to practice as a medical practitioner. The certificate is valid in government as well as private sectors. In a government hospital, depending on your skills, you can get appointed as a full-time doctor or you can also be appointed as a medical professor by any government or private university or health consultant.

While in the private sector, you can apply as a duty medical officer in any corporate hospitals or you can establish your own clinic. 

  1. Applying for specialty courses

There is huge demand for specialist doctors in the society. Due to the spread and growth of various types of diseases in humans, the requirement of specialist doctors is high. You may apply for PG courses in India to become a specialist doctor. 

The duration of PG courses vary as per specialisations, one is a 3-year MD/MS course , 2nd is 2-year diploma courses, apart from that there is another option of the Diploma of National Board (DNB).

  1. Applying in Research Centers

Research centers have great opportunities for doctors. The research institutes like ICMR, Center for cellular and molecular biology, WHO projects, Cross-sectional or other types of clinical research centers, National Institute of Health and Neuroscience give placement to  doctors with good salary packages.