Study MBBS Abroad has become the premier choice of medical students whether they are Indian or form some other countries. For Indian Students NEET UG qualifying  marks is mandatory to get MBBS Admission in Abroad. Those students they can’t afford private Indian college /university for very high fee structure, MBBS Abroad is very good option.

Minimum Tuition fees of the MBBS Abroad college is starting from 12 lac INR. MBBS Degree obtained from Abroad, Indian students have to clear MCI screening test in order to practice as a registered medical  practitioner in India as per Bog-MCI norms.

MCI has approved 67 countries &  More than 470+ colleges to study MBBS .There are more than 13000 Indian students to study medicine / MBBS or its equivalent degree in every year outside India.

India is most demanding countries, because in India total 67000 seats are available for MBBS govt & pvt colleges & more than 16 lac Indian students are apply for NEET UG 2020 .Indian Pvt colleges / deemed university the total tuition fees is nearly 70 Lac, That’s why Indian students searching MBBS Abroad option.

UCSWORLD is India 1st medical educational consultancy, provide admission more than 35 countries, we have direct tie up with the universities & our own representative will be there.

UCSWORLD is Asia 1st medical educational consultancy who direct guide you how to proceed MBBS or equivalent degree in UK ,AUSTRALIA,CANADA,USA & NEW ZEALAND .these country degree is valid world wide no need for any test.

UCSWORLD is top rated medical educational website on Google, we know time is most important for students & guardian. Student must be reserve the seats in the month of may when NEET UG 2020 result will come .NEET UG good marks is most important for Top colleges in China & Nepal.

If any  students think about MBBS abroad admission then consult with  UCSWORLD ,after that students must be decided what to do or what to not do.


  • MBBS or Equivalent degree at very low cost
  • No Donation or Capitations Fees is required
  • NEET Qualify marks is100 % mandatory for admission in MBBS Abroad
  • world class infrastructure
  • Accommodation or Living cost is very low
  • Maximum Countries provide Indian food
  • Golden Opportunity to get -great international  exposure
  • MCI / WHO Recognised University
  • World-wide acceptance degree

The students / parents at large is advised that before taking admission in MBBS or its equivalent course in a university outside India, please 1st confirm the college Bog-MCI approval list. Bog-MCI Approval list is available on www The public at large is advised that before taking admission in MBBS or its equivalent course in a university outside India, confirmation of the fee structure and duration of the course should be directly obtained from the University/Institution concerned.

Day by day pursuing MBBS from developed countries is becoming the most trending course form medicine pursuant. There are so many top medical universities in abroad providing pre and Paramedical education in the field of Medical sector at low cost.

Nowadays, where the world has become technologically advanced in many terms the medical sector has also put their valuable efforts to provide best facilities to the countryman and outside the geographical boundaries.

It is the dream of many bio science students to become a Successful Doctor and serve society by providing healthcare services. Now it would be possible as foreign Medical universities offering high content education set according to the international standard at affordable prices. While studying in foreign country students will also get a chance to explore the world and getting new idea and knowledge about their culture living style and tradition.

We will be delighted to serve you with our innumerable and expert guidance in providing you MBBS abroad admission for the academic year 2019-20. Interested candidates can enroll themselves with our highly renowned educational consultancy. You can register on our portal. Our consultants will give you thorough guidance on MBBS admission in foreign countries. We are licensed to enroll students for MBBS in abroad from the Education ministry. We are widely spread in Nepal, China, Russia, Philippines, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Bangladesh, etc.

Eligibility Criteria to Study MBBS Abroad?

  • A student must have 17 years old as on 31 December at the admission year.
  • Students must have passed their Higher Secondary Certificate Examination from a recognized Board or any equivalent examination with at least 50 percent marks aggregate in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English.
  • Candidate must have NEET-UG Qualified.

Countries to Study MBBS Abroad

Study MBBS in Nepal Fee Structure
Study MBBS in China Fee Structure
Study MBBS in KazakhstanFee Structure
Study MBBS in Tajikistan Fee Structure
Study MBBS in RussiaFee Structure
Study MBBS in Ukraine Fee Structure
Study MBBS in Philippines Fee Structure
Study MBBS in UzbekistanFee Structure
Study MBBS in KyrgyzstanFee Structure
Study MBBS in BangladeshFee Structure
Study MBBS in Georgia Fee Structure
Study MBBS in UK Fee Structure
Study MBBS in USA Fee Structure
Study MBBS in New ZealandFee Structure
Study MBBS in CanadaFee Structure
Study MBBS in AustraliaFee Structure
Study MBBS in MauritiusFee Structure
Study MBBS in BelarusFee Structure
Study MBBS in BulgariaFee Structure
Study MBBS in AzerbaijanFee Structure
Study MBBS in PolandFee Structure
Study MBBS in ArmeniaFee Structure
Study MBBS in GermanyFee Structure
Study MBBS in FranceFee Structure
Study MBBS in MalaysiaFee Structure
Study MBBS in RomaniaFee Structure
Study MBBS in SrilankaFee Structure
Study MBBS in BelgiumFee Structure
Study MBBS in AustriaFee Structure
Study MBBS in HungaryFee Structure
Study MBBS in ItalyFee Structure
Study MBBS in FinlandFee Structure
Study MBBS in DenmarkFee Structure
Study MBBS in EgyptFee Structure

Our Services

Our services include:-

  • We will be providing free counseling to the students, parents, and Guardians by our productive and experienced consultants.
  • We will provide you guaranteed admission in your chosen university if the candidate will meet with all requirements of the university with reliable documents.
  • We will provide you hassle-free overseas traveling facility.
  • Our consultant will provide you detailed information about your chosen university regarding university tuition fees, Accommodation cost, air-ticketing, etc.
  • We will provide full guidance to choose your dream university that fits your budget.


We are one of the highly re-known education consultants provide expert guidance in the field of education. It is our immense pleasure to securing effortless direct MBBS Admission in top foreign universities and succeeded in fulfilling the dreams of many students to become a Doctor and become a leading consultant company in the educational industry.


It is the first and foremost decision of every student to choose your dream destination according to your budget, expenses, and eligibility. Today almost all foreign universities delivering high-quality education but the question arises that whether they are MCI approved or Not, Is they take any entrance examination or English fluency test like TOEFL/ IELTS, is NEET is compulsory for MBBS in Abroad, etc. However, Students don’t have to worry as universities of developed countries are approved and recognized by most popular agencies that certify they are delivering education according to international standards. The Quality of education may vary from university to university or in comparison to Indian medical colleges. Most of the Indian students will not get the opportunity to take admission in Indian university because of heavy rush and limited seats. In addition, students may also have to pay a high donation cost to private universities for admission. In this situation, the foreign university has raised as the best option to them and there are so many MCI recognized Medical Colleges in abroad.


As we are very Transparent in nature, here we are clearing that there are only 30-40% leading universities globally that offering a successful career in the medical field. After completing their course they have to appear for FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) or Medical Council of India Screening Test. These are the Essential Examination that has to pass by every candidate who wishes to practice in India. There are only 19% of students able to sit in these exams and cracked it. So be very careful in choosing the right agent or Consultancy as they may reveal your false statements and charge a heavy amount for admission.


Many times, some unauthorized universities may take higher investments, and will not avail the students with quality services, provide no opportunities for training or internship and scholarships. An average cost for study MBBS in foreign countries will come under 50-60 lacs for 5+ 1year for internship including tuition fees and capital fees.


Studying abroad has to become the best alternate and advantageous option for Indian Students. Fees structure for MBBS is very low and can be easily fit to the pocket of an average family student and the best thing is that they do not ask for any kind of donation money as chargeable in India. Living cost in a foreign country is also very low with all resources and lavish lifestyle. They have experienced and skillful teaching department as they are delivering education in the medical field form last 200 years. Syllabus for the medicine course serves as a perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge.


In foreign countries, MBBS degree is known as MD Degree and these are universally accepted. If you have earned your MD degree from a top university it will provide you full exposure and backup support from beginning till the job. Course content taught at foreign universities is either in English or in the local language, but it will solely depend on you to choose your preferred language.


If you want to earn your medical degree from the best institution that Study MBBS Abroad in a better option than Indian Private colleges/universities. Foreign universities provide quality education, world-class infrastructure at affordable prices, futuristic technology, modern Learning& teaching Aids, ventilated classrooms, cozy hostels, and Availability of Indian Food. All you just need to clear the eligibility criteria and English fluency test (That university who don’t take fluency test will take personal interview). Foreign universities are not much concerned about theoretical knowledge out of that they mainly focus on practical knowledge under expert supervision.


There student and faculty ratio have not much difference and so every student will get proper guidance. When you will go to foreign universities you will find many familiar faces with the same dialects because Study MBBS from Abroad has become trending in India.

study mbbs abroad

MBBS Abroad Fee Structure

There is some most visited destination where you can study MBBS course with fees less than 18 lakhs. We offer numerous options to study abroad under your fixed budget. Pursuing MBBS form Indian institution are very costly and may not affordable by most of the families but with foreign institutions it’s possible. Everything remains the same as Indian module only the cost of study will vary. There are so many cheapest destinations for prospective Doctors to study MBBS with fewer fees in the World. Like MBBS in USA for Indian Student Fees Structure At par Indian Medical colleges.

We also provide some small medical scholarship schemes and study MBBS Abroad Scholarship for the students so that they can also fulfill their dream and study abroad to become a professional Doctor. Sometimes many eligible students don’t have money to study abroad that’s why we have started this scholarship scheme. To be considered for Scholarship programs you need to have good grades and upright personality. The eligibility of a student for the MBBS course will be calculated on the basis of merit and NEET examination. You can contact or reach us for more details or become a beneficiary of our Scholarship program.

=>>Checkout MBBS Abroad Fee structure


What is the name of the undergraduate Medical Degree offered by the Foreign Medical universities?

Medical universities of foreign countries MD degree which is equivalent to MBBS degree in India.

Is NEET Compulsory for MBBS in Abroad?

Yes, the NEET examination is compulsory since 2018 for pursuing MBBS outside of India.

What is FMGE/ MCI Screening?

FMGE stands for Foreign Medical Graduate Examination and MCI screening for Medical Council of India Screening Test this Examination is conducted for those foreign medical UG candidates who have earned their degree from abroad and want to practice in India. A candidate who has studied MBBS from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand FMGE is not applicable to them.

How to check, which university is approved by MCI?

Medical council of India has given permission to lots of foreign universities to teach Indian students. Check it here.

Advantages of Study MBBS Abroad

Quality education

Foreign Medical Universities provide high-quality course content and wide exposure to the students at low and affordable prices. Their study curriculum is designed according to international standards. They have experienced and skilled staff as they are offering education in the medical field for decades. There syllabus is the perfect combination of practical and theoretical knowledge. Abroad universities will provide you change to learn with expert professional and Doctor of re-known institutions.

Campus Training

Campus training providing by the top medical universities is amazingly excellent.  These are MCI recognized colleges providing MBBS courses to the students assuring hand practice for best treatment and knowledge.

 Full Exposure

While study MBBS Abroad you will get a lot of chances to explore the outside world and will get wide exposure in your relative field. When you study in foreign universities you will make new fellow friends belonging form different countries, the background is made you will get international exposure and learn about new things that help you greatly.

A most populated country like China will provide you a large inflow of patients at great extends and it will appear as an opportunity for medical students to diagnose and examine them along with learning.

No Donation Cost and Entrance Examination

As we have already told you that foreign universities don’t charge any extra money or any hidden cost to the students and that’s why the fees structure of abroad universities are comparatively very low form Indian institute. One more advantage of abroad study is that they also don’t take any Entrance Examination for admission or any English proficiency test Like TOEFL. They will admit a student for MBBS on the basis of their 12th performance and first-cum-first serve criteria will be followed.

Low Cost of Living

When the discussion come to foreign living cost many students and parents take a back step as they are worried about heavy expenses of foreign countries but if we compare it from Asian countries their living cost is relatively very cheap and it’s a fact. Let’s take an example, In a country like Ukraine, Indian students can easily survive with $100-$200 Per months and if we take About Asian Country like Nepal this cost will be as low as Rs. 7000-14000.

In the end, we only say that still all hope is not lost, interested students who wish to become a successful Doctor can Study MBBS Abroad with low Fees structure and quality education and make their dream come true. Aspiring students and parents don’t have to worry now because the world has changed rapidly and so we too. Study abroad now has become easier and congenial than ever before.

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