Study MBBS in Germany: Detailed Guidelines for Indian Students

Pursuing medicine from abroad is the biggest dream of any Science stream student. It is the most popular stream leading the students for many professional courses like Medical, Engineering, Computer Science, and allied courses. Amongst all other destinations opting medicine form Germany is gaining popularity than others.

 In India opting MBBS from a best College or Universities seem impossible nowadays; because of hard competition among medical students, immense rush, high fees structure, etc. don’t allow the students to take admission easily in Indian institutes. Thus pursuing MBBS in Germany is a golden chance for all interested students. 

Apart from other reasons, unsatisfactory quality of education and improper infrastructure in Indian government as well as private colleges should not satisfy the students to study Medicine in India and for all those student foreign destinations such as Germany, Malaysia, China, Russia, Georgia, etc. emerges as a suitable and affordable place to look forward.

Why Germany?

Germany is the land of Pride, modernization, diversity and excellence. It is committed for having the best medical colleges in the world. Germany is a cosmopolitan country having diverse culture, environment and lifestyle which influenced many of international candidates to learn and work there. 

This country is known for offering MBBS course free of cost. Yes! You have read correctly, Pursuing MBBS form Germany is free but for that you must have the knowledge of German language. In addition there are some other policies of German government which you have to fulfil in order to take advantage of free education.

Education level of German medical universities is very high in comparison to other European universities. The state-of-art infrastructure ensure the accurate theoretical and clinical skills in students. There are many top leading universities in Germany such as Heidelberg University, Lubeck University, and Magdeburg University having experience of many decades. Thus, opting courses from any of these universities will be fruitful for you.

Why MBBS in Germany

In Europe MBBS degree is known as MD degree and opting medicine from Germany is a wise decision of you medical career. Global standard of German universities are highly appreciable, so that the quality of education you have received after completing MD from German universities make your pathway in terms of jobs and further opportunities.

Global Recognition

Universities of Germany are globally recognized for delivering quality education and global accepted medical degree’s throughout the world. These universities are known for world-class infrastructure, high equipment, high standard of education and attractive atmosphere. Furthermore, they are also recognized from higher medical organizations like World Health Organization, United Nation Organization and Medical Council of India.

Low cost or Learning and living 

As we have already mentioned that German universities offer free of cost MBBS courses but for this you have to fulfil some policies. Moreover you can earn 20 to 30 Euros as an intern in one year. Minimum cost of studying ranges around 5-10 lakhs in a year. Universities provide on campus accommodation to international students at very low cost.

Availability of English language courses

The mother tongue of Germany is German and it is primarily used in almost all offices, schools, Universities and other departments but there are many medical universities offer courses in English language. So here the point is that you don’t need to know German but for English medium courses you need to clear English proficiency test.

Vast opportunities 

 MBBS in Germany will provide you many opportunities while learning and after completing course. Increased demand in medical sector and high recognition of medicine education from Germany lead to immense job opportunities in your medical career. Besides, you can easily move to EU sister countries for job prospective.

MBBS course duration in Germany

Generally in India medicine is a 6 years professional course but it takes 7.5 years in Germany to complete MBBS course including 1-1.5 years of internship with stipends. Those who don’t know the German language have to spend an additional year for preparatory course before entering into regular course. Thus it take 7.5 years. 

Courses offered by Germany Universities

 Medicine from Germany cover detailed information about various health perspectives and additional basic information of other health departments. It covers a wide range of Public health and promoting healthcare, human anatomy and how to handle those problems, etc.

Various courses offered by medical universities are as following;

  • General Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Public Health and promoting program
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing
  • Therapy professional
  • Pediatrics and Nutrition 
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Forensic Medicine

Eligibility criteria and Admission procedure 

Germany is the most desired destination of passionate medical candidates around the world. So, if you wish to enrol yourself in German Medical colleges expect tougher competition because Germany is the center of leading medicine courses and competition among candidates are really high. Before enrolment you have to fulfil the eligibility criteria, so let’s see what are their requirements for admission;

  1. Interested candidates must have a High School Certificate and Higher Secondary Education Certificate equivalent to German qualification for all international or non-EU candidates.
  2. Candidates must have scored higher grades minimum 90% in 10+2 with main subjects such as Chemistry, biology and English.
  3. Candidates have to clear German or English proficiency test as all medicine courses are either taught in German or in English. There are various German proficiency tests you can get in German universities out of them most accepted test are DSH, GDS, and KDS.
  4. Candidates have to undergo with some specific entrance Examination in some universities to show their skills and stability, strengths for MBBS courses in some particular field of medicine. Most common are Test AS and Test for Medical studies. 
  5. Candidates have to qualify NEET examination and TOEFL or IELTS for English proficiency test.
  6. Last but very important, the age of candidates should not be less than 17 years at admission time.

Although, the admission procedure in Germany is quite complex but if you are passionate and goal achiever so you can easily take admission in German universities after fulfilling eligibility criteria.

Application process

The Last of application may differ from one to another universities, application dates are subject to change depending on the final decision of universities but application process in most German Universities will be closed by 15 July every year. To take admission you need to fill application form correctly and you have to attach some necessary documents such as;

  1. Passport size photograph
  2. Certificate of High School
  3. Certificate of Higher Secondary Education
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. Update resume
  6. Photocopy of Passport
  7. Recommendation letter
  8. School leaving Certificate

 MBBS Fees Structure 

There is low tuition fee to study medicine in Universities of Germany. Since 2005, a Federal Constitutional Court of Germany overthrew the traditional taboo on tuition fees. It means “No tuition fee” is charged from students who want to study MBBS in Germany. So it directly means that medicine from German universities are totally free. In Germany education is funded by the Federal Government. The students only need to pay a least of Euros 500 for their personal expenses like purchasing books and other academic supplies and the language training in Germany can cost up to Euros 5000 that’s it. 

Top MCI approved Universities in Germany

  1. Munster University
  2. Lubeck University
  3. Wurzburg University
  4. Magdeburg University
  5. Tubingen University
  6. Rwth Aachen University
  7. Witten/Herdecke University
  8. Freiburg University
  9. Heidelberg University

Advantages to study MBBS from Germany

  1. German universities don’t take any entrance examination for admission purpose. 
  2. The standard of education in Germany is very high as compared to any other county. Aspiring students can go forward for German universities to get quality education and enhanced learning techniques.
  3. No tuition fee in Germany for MBBS education.
  4. Low cost of Living with high standard lifestyle.
  5. Updated curriculum is the highest priority of Medical universities of Germany. Study curriculum are up to date and offer best in class education to every student.
  6. During studies students get wide exposure under the supervision of experts and professionals thus students becomes professional strong and experienced.
  7. There are various job opportunities after pursuing medicine form Germany because of high recognition and wide acceptance of MBBS Degree.
  8. After completing the course students are allowed to stay in Germany and practice for at least two years within country.
  9. You will get chance to learn second world accepted language.

Career options after MBBS in Germany 

There are various job opportunities after pursuing medicine from Germany, you can work as a Doctor in Germany if you attained required Medical education. After completing medical education successfully you will be awarded by MD degree and an abbreviation/Title added to your name (Berufserlaubnis) it means a specialized medical field. Whereas you can work as Pharmacist, you can open your own clinic, Medial Professor in institutions, you can apply for government jobs in hospitals, medicine research, etc.

Furthermore, you can also go for higher studies (MS Degree) in specific specializations form UK, USA, etc. In order to take detailed information in a particular field of Medicine.