Study MBBS in Mauritius: Overview

Indian students opt to study MBBS in foreign countries for many reasons. After the introduction of the common medical entrance examination NEET, students find it hard to secure MBBS admission in India. There are many countries that enroll Indian students in MBBS courses. China, Georgia, Russia, etc are the few countries preferred by Indian students to study MBBS abroad.  MBBS in Mauritius has become one of the options for Indian students to pursue their medical dream.

Mauritius is one of the beautiful destinations. It has strong implications and traditions of the Indians. It is even called the second home for Indians. Lately, Mauritius is emerging as one of the preferred study abroad destinations to do MBBS.

The first question that everyone thinks of studying MBBS in Mauritius, is it approved in India? Not all MBBS degrees offered in foreign countries is approved by the Medical Council of India. However, MBBS in Mauritius is approved by MCI. Students need not worry about the recognition of the course. Soon after completion of the course, they can take up the test conducted by MCI and start practicing.

mbbs in Mauritius

MBBS in Mauritius Approval Status

Apart from MCI, the following entities approve the MBBS course in Mauritius. It means MBBS in Mauritius is an international degree, globally approved.

  • H.O: World Health Organization
  • C.I: Medical Council INDIA
  • E.C: Tertiary Education Commission, Mauritius
  • GAME: Global Alliance for Medical Education
  • USMLE: United States Medical Licensing Examination
  • SAQA: South African Qualification Authority
  • IMED: International Medical Education Directory
  • FAIMER: Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research
  • ECFMG: Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates
  • LMCC: Licentiate of the Medical College of Canada

Some of the top medical colleges and universities in Mauritius include,


 Sr.N.   Medical College/University   Address   Total Fees
  1   Anna Medical College (Admission Open)   Montagne Blanche,      Mauritius   43.5 Lac (Fee Structure)
  2   SSR Medical College (Admission Closed)   Vacoas-Phoenix, Mauritius   49 Lac  (Fee Structure)

Contact – 7533005179

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Mauritius

There are many advantages to study MBBS in Mauritius.

  • Mauritius MBBS syllabus is guided by the Medical Council of India.
  • There are quite a few MCI approved universities in Mauritius to offer MBBS courses.
  • Mauritius is an English speaking country. Also, it resembles a lot of India. Many Indians settled in Mauritius a couple of generations ago. Students can see strong roots to India and the languages. Apart from English, many Indian languages are seen across the country. So, Indian students don’t feel awkward or sick in a foreign destination.
  • Many medical universities have qualified Indian faculties, who has decades of teaching experience.
  • All students are split into small batches, which facilities better learning and teaching.
  • NO medical institute or college asks for a donation. Only tuition fee and hostel fee is charged.
  • Cost of education is low when compared to India.
  • Indian culture is seen throughout the country.
  • The environment and climate are blissful. It is a pollution-free country and students have no fear of falling sick. Full of beaches, wonderful environment and serene atmosphere.
  • Language, food, habits, and practices are very similar to India. So, it is easy for Indian students to adapt to the Mauritius environment.
  • People are very courteous and easy to mingle with the locals.

Mauritius is not a very destination of study in terms of international study destination. While there are many countries famed for MBBS courses, popular among Indian students. MBBS in Mauritius quora queries started a few drawbacks like the infrastructure is not good in all medical colleges. Also, there is a common statement seen in MBBS in Mauritius reviews, where the cost of MBBS is high when compared to the cost of studying MBBS in other countries. There was chaos before a few years that international medical students who study medicine in Mauritius face an uncertain future due to pending approval from the Medical Council of India. However, it is easy to check whether the medical university has MCI approval or not.

MBBS in Mauritius Eligibility

  • Students who completed the 10 + 2 school education or I.Sc or any equivalent education with a minimum of 60 % aggregate marks.
  • Main subjects of study should be biology, physics, and chemistry.
  • Age shall be minimum 17 years and maximum shall be 30 years
  • Must be NEET-UG qualified
  • Should have a good track of academic records
  • Should have good health and provide all certificates
  • Should be fluent in the English language

Eligibility requirement varies with a few universities. Some of the medical universities in Mauritius require IELTS qualification as one of the eligibility conditions to seek admission.

MBBS in Mauritius duration is 5.5 years. Since the course follows a similar pattern provided by MCI, the curriculum is also similar to Indian MBBS course. The first four and a half years is classroom training and the final year is an internship in associated hospitals and healthcare centers.

MBBS in Mauritius fee starts from 41 lakhs. While the cost of MBBS in Mauritius is high when compared to other countries like Russia and China, it is very much lower than the cost of medical education in India.