Studying medicine in USA the dream that comes with extreme challenges.  Medical degree from USA is recognized worldwide job for a rewarding career that your life.  Completion of a medical degree is hard but choosing the right Medical College need not be.  Choosing the right educational institution to complete your degree as important as choosing the right stream of study.  Many international students who wish to study medicine in the most reputed and highly recognized Institution in the US.   However they are at a huge disadvantage. The highly reputed medical colleges in USA do not offer admissions to the international students.  This is not the end since there are a number of reputed and well established medical colleges that offer admissions to the international students.   Here is a list of top medical schools or colleges that admit international students to study MBBS in USA.

If you wish to pursue a career in Medical Research the above listed three universities make the best bet.

Harvard University

The name speaks the tall and literally means no introduction.  Harvard is the top Medical School in the US regardless of the category that you’ll always be surprised to see Harvard Medical School in number 1 on any list of Educational Institutes in the United States.

The best thing about Harvard University is they admit international students to study medicine.  To seek admission in Harvard University will have to show the evidence of your ability to pay and according medical education.  If you can show the proof and your buddy to work hard Taurus the difficult environment, rest assured that your degree receive huge recognition in any corner of the world.

Stanford University

Stanford University is one among the top medical colleges in USA highly reputed in a global setup.  It’s surprised if you get admission in a Stanford University to pursue your career in the medical field.  Stanford admits from 1 to 5 candidates every year who are non residential US citizen.   Admission also includes Canadian citizen which pretty much explains that every international student apply to stand for university as a very thin chance of taking admission.  The applicant must show the proof of financial support on evidence that they can afford the overall cost of expenses.  In addition to the core classes that are being part of the curriculum students are allowed to speak the favorite area to gain more knowledge special attention. In addition stand ford also provide loan to the international students in case of necessity.

Johns Hopkins University

In spite of being one of the top medical schools in US, the admission criteria administer John Hopkins University is captivating.  This is the best thing about medical school.  All applications are weighed on the same scale regardless of the nationality and citizenship.  Whether you are a resident of the country or an international student if you are qualified you seek admission and vice versa.  All applications get rejected or admitted on the basis of the qualification not on the basis of demography.  Eventually it gives a lot of hope for a number of international students to purchase the dream of getting a degree in medicine from us.

There is a small disadvantage that the selected students must pay the entire tuition fee through an escrow,   much in advance before you join.  It makes that you have to plan and allocate funds to pay for them and their cost of education.

John Hopkins Hospital in the top hospitals in the country where you get your hands on training on the clinical rotations in different departments which is the best learning experience.

Following are the top medical schools discard the reputation in the primary care sector.  As an international student, if you wish to pursue career as a primary care provider for a primary care physician you can check with these medical schools in USA

The University of North Carolina

The second highest ranked primary care Medical School in the United States Chapel Hill UNC.   The University of North Carolina of American curriculum as a traditional four year course.  All students get the opportunity to pick their elective subjects in summer electives.  They also have the opportunity to study abroad.

The University of North Carolina has UNC Hospital system and a few associated Hospitals in which the students undergo practical training during the third year Clerkship. The University has a number of community service groups Student Organizations.  It also operates many specialized health centers and Research centers which includes 8 Research Centre and centre for Alcohol studies.

University Of California San Francisco

Yet another top Medical School in the primary care sector offers two years block course for the medical students which are followed by one year Clerkship and one year clinical.

UFC offer the students to add additional degree through the dual degree program.  Students can combine the MD and MS program in the medical studies with a focus on Medical Research on any of the preferred subject in Sciences Humanities with respect to health and medical science.  Association is made with University of California Berkeley.

Innovation University also offers a 5 year medical program for the urban undeserved which provides an opportunity for the students who desire to work in the improved communities.

University of California Los Angeles

Ranked 6th place in the list of primary care programs offered by the US medical school, the curriculum is divided into three parts.

  • human biology and disease
  • core clinical Clerkship
  • 4th year college

Similar to California University in San Francisco, Los Angeles also offer a dual degree program combining MD with PHD or MD with MBA or MD with MS.   These programs are designed for the students who desire to work with the underprivileged and disadvantage communities in both rural and urban sectors.


International student you always there to get admission from the most reputed college in the US.  The above this is not subjective and limited.  You have to do a little more research on the most suitable colleges in all respect.  It is recommended to shortlist the list of medical school or Universities that admit international students. Foreign Science University of Kansas login University external is not included in the above list still offer admission to the international students.  These universities provide opportunity for international students to specialize in any program of the interest.  So there are plenty of options available to pick the right university because your dream