Kazakhstan is best known for its education system a medical education. It is the most spotted and ideal country for pursuing medical courses. Many international students choose to study MBBS from Kazakhstan Universities. Universities offer many medical courses at a standard level with a world-class education at minimum cost as compared with any other country.

Kazakhstan provides many opportunities for students to fulfill their dreams. Every year many Indian students step into the Kazakhstan University with their dreams. Kazakhstan has become the center of medical educational hub of Central Asia for its quality education, highly qualified faculty and experienced staff.

There are many extra facilities provided in top recognized universities in Kazakhstan. They basically aim to provide practical knowledge and emphasis on hand- experience. Admission procedure mostly at all universities is quick and simple. They don’t take any entrance exam or any test for admission.

 Top Medical Universities in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan national Medical University

It is one of the topmost medical Universities in Kazakhstan. University is established in 1931 at Almaty in Kazakhstan. It is known for its best education policy and excellent training and practice. University provided a positive environment for learning and avail with modern infrastructure. It provides an MBBS course for 4.8 years.

Astana Medical University

This University named after its capital city Astana. It is established in 1964. Astana is a private coeducational institution for Higher education. It offers many recognized courses in different field of life. It offers courses in Additional Medical Education, Undergraduate courses, Preventive care, Nursing, Pharmacy, dentistry, Public health, and Internal medicine.

South Kazakh State Medical University

It is a government university situated in Shymkent in Kazakhstan. It is established in 1979 and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science. It is coeducational institution provided courses at Bachelor’s, master’s, Diploma and Ph.D. courses as well. They provide courses in general medicine, continuous professional development, dental and Pharmaceutical.

Shymkent State Medical University

Shymkent is a research University. It is a popular research center of government and as well as imparting education in clinical studies. It has maintained top position for it advance education across the globe.it provides courses at graduate, undergraduate, diploma and Ph.D. level.

Karaganda State Medical University

It is an excellent medical university in Kazakhstan. It is the most visited university for international students. It is in the 8th position among the top 60 leading universities in the country. Courses offered in University are WHO, MCI, GMC recognized. It offers MBBS course for 5 years. Education in this university is affordable.