Finding a suitable and comfortable lodging in another country is a big deal. There are many choices for accommodation available in Ukraine only you have to make some effort to find your ideal room based on agreement. There are many residential universities in Ukraine that offer hostel facilities to the students coming from another town or country or you can go for other options like rental apartments, study residences, guest houses, family host or teacher’s home.

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If you are new in the town, then firstly you have to approach the hostel facility and if it is not available then move toward other options. Eastern apartments are aesthetically designed with modern lifestyle convenience. Rental apartments are a wise decision for those who are reliant and liberty in nature. Apartments are easily available in any region of Ukraine but their cost may vary according to the locality and popularity of the area. These apartments are well furnished and equipped with all necessities.

 Staying at a student’s apartment is another off-campus option suitable for new international candidates. Ask any of your friends to give suggestions or you can check it at the daily newspaper for more listed apartments. Before leasing any apartment, we advised you to spend some time over there, so that you can understand their environment, about their locality, whether its safe or not, transportation, groceries stores, and most important landlord responsibility for you, etc.

Home stays or family hosts are in the culture of European families, they are very welcoming and warm hearted in nature and inhabited to invite their guests and serve them so nicely, you cannot forget those memories. Home stays are very popular in western families, hosting with these families is really joyful. In a homestay agreement you will get a chance to live with Ukrainian family where you have your own room and your breakfast, lunch and dinner were made available to you at time and you will be benefited with the comfort of family members in a new country.

Teacher’s home is another accommodation facility available in Ukraine for international students, under this agreement a teacher welcomes or accepts you to live with his/her family and you will stay and study in your teacher’s home. It is like home stay but when you stay in your teacher’s home you have to be focused toward your studies and achieve the best results.