When you plan to study medicine in Ukraine, you should know about climates changes of the country. Climate in Ukraine figures are handy, but do not offer a total picture of the climate and the possible weather conditions within a certain period. How big the chance of winter weather, (extreme) heat or hurricanes is often not found in figures. So we can provide you with estimated results however the real temperature of climate may chance at different places. The majority of Ukraine has a moderate continental climate, type.

 The southern part of the country has a warm continental climate and the Crimean peninsula has a maritime climate on the south side thanks to the influence of the Black Sea. However it could not affect most International medical students in Ukraine or tourists who visit Ukraine for studies, for tourism or for any personal purpose. 

The figures below are based on recorded long-term weather data of Ukraine. Local deviations can occur, for example, it is warmer along the Black Sea coast in the winter months, colder in the north and slightly more precipitation in the west. The sea temperature data is only applicable for the Black Sea coast.

Climates in Ukraine

Dry climate

Because of its location, Ukraine is a fairly dry country with in most places less than five hundred millimeters of precipitation on an annual basis. An exception is the north, which is slightly wetter. The rainfall falls throughout the year and there are no real wet periods. In the winter months, most precipitation falls in the form of snow or sleet.

The dry climate is also noticeable by the relative humidity, which is quite low. That is why the feeling temperature in the winter is regularly slightly higher than the actual temperature and the hot days in the summer can be kept well, unless it gets hot with peaks towards the forty degrees.


Weather is particularly unpredictable in spring and autumn. Within a very short period of time the weather can change from cold and inclement to sunny and spring-like or vice versa. The months of April and October are particularly affected.

Warm summers

Summer’s in Ukraine are on the warm side on average. The temperatures along the Black Sea coast can be compared with the Cote d’Azur in France and the Ukrainian coast is also very similar to the French Riviera in terms of sun hours. Not for nothing that in the Soviet era the Russians with the better positions stayed mainly in this area of the former Soviet Union, because traveling abroad was virtually impossible at the time. Ukraine is still a popular tourist destination among Russian tourists and many wealthy Russians have purchased a second or third home here.