Vinnitsa National Medical University, Ukraine


Vinnitsa Medical University is one of the oldest medical universities in the country. BY 2021, it completes 100 yearsvinnitsa national medical university ukraine as a successful educational institute.

Vinnitsa National Medical University provides you profound higher education in the medical stream, matching the world class education standards. The university has well-trained faculties with specialty and doctoral degrees. The university has more than 500 teaching staff.

The university has faculties in 53 specialties, from General medicine, dentistry, clinical psychology to pharmacy. There is an exclusive department i.e faculty allocated for foreign students, preparatory department for foreign citizens.

The university is one of the accredited universities in Ukraine. The Government has rewarded the university with the “Highest Level” higher educational establishment. The university received the national status in the year 1999, and international recognition in the year 2002.


The University is located in the shores of the black sea.


  • General Medicine – This is a Medical Doctor Degree, which is equivalent to MBBS in India. It is a six years program, offered in both Ukraine and English Language. The fee is higher for English teaching. The university enrolls 600 students every year in General medicine program.
  • Physical Rehabilitation is a four years clinical program.
  • Dentistry is equivalent to Doctor of Dental Medicine, recognized as DMD is a five years clinical program.
  • Pharmacy degree, equivalent to Masters degree in Pharmacy.
  • Nursing Degree – Diploma in Nursing, Bachelors degree in Nursing and Masters degree in Nursing

Vinnitsa National Medical University  Admission Procedure

If you are planning to do bachelors in medicine in Russian medical college, the major eligibility criteria are that you must have obtained 50% average marks in physics, chemistry, and biology in your secondary education with English as a medium of study.

Students get the option to train or learn MBBS in Ukrainian / Russian language. To get trained in local language, a 10 months preparatory program is designed for the students.

There is no deadline for admission. The university intake students round the year. However, academic year begins from November and ends at August.

Highlights of the Medical College

  • The university admits students from all countries for the MBBS program.
  • The university has ties more than 40 hospitals, medical establishments and clinical centers across the country. It enhances the training exposure to the students during the academic study.
  • The university has built complexes with all state of the art facilities, well-equipped classrooms, scientific complexes, library and sports center.
  • There is an exclusive health service center dedicated for students.
  • Vinnitsa National Medical University hostel facilities are excellent for both local and international students in the campus itself.
  • It encourages a lot of leisure and sports activities, from local folklore to instrumental music and dance.
  • The university campus has 5 hostels for local and foreign students, 4 canteens offering multiple cuisines, 7 buffets apart from the canteen, an individual sports complex, preventive health centre, and sanitary-sports which locates on the Black Sea Shore.