Wenzhou Medical University


The Wenzhou Medical University is the multidisciplinary university or higher institution under Zhejiang Province. The university was developed in 1912 with an origin from former Zhejiang Specialized Medical School. The Wenzhou Medical College got renamed as Wenzhou Medical University in 2013. It is known to be one of the best universities by the Ministry of Education in China. In Zhejiang province, it soon became a priority development university. Many of the undergraduate and graduate programs are in the medical field. The main vision of the university is to accomplish top-class education for all national and international students from all over the world.



The Wenzhou Medical University is provincially located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, People Republic of China.



Wenzhou Medical University courses are specified in both bachelor and master degrees. The programs held at the college can be applied by both national and international students. The bachelor programs in the English language are:

  1. MBBS
  2. BDS

The other master’s degree programs are:

  1. Medicine
  2. Radiology
  3. Orthopedics
  4. TCM
  5. Pathology
  6. Cardiology
  7. Plastic surgery
  8. General surgery


So, these were the programs that are offered in the English language. The same programs are also available in the Chinese language for national students.


Admission Process

The Wenzhou Medical university admission process is provided in accordance with the fulfillment of certain criteria. The main criteria are that the candidate who is applying must have cleared 10+2 or must have Equivalent qualification. The student must have qualified with Biology, Chemistry, and/or mathematics. Some more research is to be made on the student who is applying. The personal characteristics and traits will be acknowledged in the further process. The applications forms are available for both the national and international students. Thus, the admission can be fulfilled easily by just initiating on the Website of Wenzhou Medical University.


Highlights of the Medical College

  • The university has accomplished 20000 domestic and 700 International students in the main campus of Wenzhou. Also, the faculty members reach up to 9000 in numbers. The increased scenario has enabled to provide top priority education by the institute.
  • Best accommodation facilities are provided for both national and international students. The rooms include air conditioner, cable TV, telephone, bed, etc. in a single room. The same facilities and security are provided for girls.
  • The security system of the university is tight and tuff. There are more than 1000 CCTVs installed in the campus itself.
  • The most important Wenzhou Medical University scholarships are provided to top students from both domestic and international-backgrounds.
  • The University holds major concepts of medical requirements with other top universities of the world. The world-class infrastructure is provided to the students to help them get through various innovation and ideas.
  • Apart from the hostel facilities, there are facilities for sports. Many sports are played in the complex which is available for both boys and girls. Also, the university holds many programs and conducts sports competition.
  • Many of the cultural activities are held at the university to make students feel on the common platform.