Wuhan University Overview

Wuhan University is one of the top-rated and key national universities under the section of Education of Ministry. The central and local government of China has helped in the progress period of Wuhan University. The university is so-called to be established in 1928 through the average progress of Ziqiang Institute. The perfect institute is well-maintained for medical courses. Many attractions from all over the world are present here. There are more than 300 thousand talented faculties members recruited from top universities. The university has many professional remarks in terms of achievements and termed as one of the leading institutes of China.


Wuhan University has the province in Hubei, China. The main location is at Wuchang, Wuhan, China-430072. The place is very close to the metropolitan city and one can easily reach there.


Wuhan University courses are broad and extended to many educational aspects. The schools that are included in the university are,

  1. Faculty of Humanities: In this, School of Chinese languages is included.
  2. Faculty of Social Science: Economic and management school, School of Law, School of International Education.
  3. Faculty of Sciences: School of mathematics, school of physics, school of chemistry, etc.
  4. Faculty of Engineering: School of Electrical engineering, school of Power and Mechanical Engineering.
  5. Faculty of Information Sciences: School of Computer science, school of Information technology.
  6. Faculty of Medical Sciences: MBBS, BDS.


Thus, these schools represent the strength of the university in a desirable way.


Wuhan University MBBS Admission Procedures

Wuhan University admission procedures are quite simple. The student from China can fill up the application form easily through the website. Some of the basic information will be asked for eligibility like passed 10+2, Biology, Physics, or Chemistry as the subjects. The application form will have proceeded with personal and skill check. The interview will be easy based on personal traits. The same procedure is to be followed by International students along with International visa. Thus, the willing student can simply apply for the university.


Highlights of the University

  • It is the part of ‘211’ and ‘985’ projects held under the local and central government of China. The university is the place for more than 50000 students including all the courses available.
  • The art and culture association of the university collaborates with other universities to bring the common culture on the stage.
  • The sports complex of Wuhan University organizes many events for both indoor and outdoor games. These games are held for both intra and inter college meets. Many prizes and cash are awarded to the winners.
  • The accommodation facility is very classy and adequate through the campus. The rooms students and faculties are available here. More than 1000 rooms are present in a single hostel.
  • The university has 6 major faculty schools which further includes many schools in it. Science and technology are the major educational prospectus for the university.
  • The security system is always kept high and tight to avoid any kind of misuse or thief. So, one can lead a good life in Wuhan University.